Client Experience 

Claudia –

“Claudia joined us with a goal to lose 5 kilos before her Australian vacation. The APTA team worked closely with her and designed a planned and targeted workout. Currently she is enjoying herself on the sunny beaches of Australia–lighter and a lot happier!”


Nittin Jain-

“Nittin Jain joined APTA while recovering from a knee surgery; which made his knees weaker and also gave him a slight limp while walking. Within a month of working out with our team of professional trainers and physiotherapists, Nitin not only has a better walk but can manage to run without any discomfort and pain. Today he is a fit, healthy and a happy man!”

Raghu Kanoudia –

“Raghu is a young entrepreneur who aspires to be fit and healthy to enable him to set a good example for his team at work. His busy schedule didn’t permit him to hit the gym, so we went to him instead. He enjoys running outdoors and with the help of a targeted workout his stamina has increased multifolds- he started out being able to run a kilometer, today he can run up to 11 kms!”

Nupur Kanoudia –

“Nupur is a homemaker and was struggling with lack of motivation. She complained of joint pains and low blood pressure. We assessed her goals and medical history and designed a workout that was fun and interesting. Our nutritionist discussed her food habits in great depth and today she is cooking and eating healthier food and even enjoys working out with her daughter”

Anish –

“Anish was happy with all aspects of his life except his physical fitness and appearance. His target was to have a healthy and well toned/sculpted body. With a perfect mix of motivation, diet and a personalized workout he is now walking the path of having an excellent body”

Cupid –

“Cupid is a college student who suffered an injury while playing basketball. He was looking to get on the road to recovery while getting into better shape. He enrolled in our boxing classes and today he is more confident, fully recovered and can certainly throw a punch!”