Mr. Rajeev Balayan
Lead Project Head

Rajeev has spent the last 13 years in helping people attain their fitness and health goals by combining his knowledge, experience, dedication and passion towards his work. He helps clients gain a better understanding of their body and does not believe in “one size fits all” approach. He prefers to take into consideration each clients’ goals, lifestyle, medical history and personality and then create customized, energy packed workouts. Rajeev has completed several full and half Marathons and keeps himself fit and agile with a combination of workouts and sports.

Ritika Kapur
Personal Development Coach

Ritika is an NLP Practitioner and Coach from NFNLP, USA and holds a Masters degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from New York University.

She works closely with individuals as a Personal Development Coach. She enables her clients to achieve clarity in thought through self awareness techniques and guides them through a process of self discovery towards their goal. She describes her coaching style as intuitive with a healthy dose of humor. She holds her sessions in person or via Skype.