• How It Works
  • How It Works
  • How It Works
  • How It Works

How it Works

Our personal trainers and mental coaches work in complete sync and coordination to ensure that your fitness program runs smoothly and that you stay motivated and dedicated to achieve your goal.



Measure Your Fitness Level!

We do an assessment of your current fitness levels by testing your cardio capacity and stamina. A complete background of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical/health history is discussed in order to design a personalized and effective training program just for you.


Let Set Your Goal

Our mental coach will work closely with you in understanding and setting your health/fitness goal. We enable you to set specific, realistic, measurable and time bound goals which will keep you motivated and inspired throughout your program. We will work on a combination of short term and long term health and fitness goals that would facilitate shifts and changes in your physical & mental stamina and growth.


Personalized Program Design

Once the goals have been set, now is the time for ACTION! We will create a customized program design consisting of a minimum number physical and mental training sessions. Our fitness trainer will create exciting and challenging physical training sessions using a combination of cardio, weight training, kick boxing, swiss ball, functional training, TRX. Our mental coach will help you understand, manage and deal with any road blocks and challenges you may encounter along your journey of achieving your goal.


Review And Adjust

Once we have completed our minimum number of agreed upon sessions, we will review the progress and analyze any challenges and discuss areas of improvement and way forward. Once the client is in agreement we will make the required changes to the program and agree to work towards a holistic and well balanced health goal.